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At the Malapit group, diversity and inclusion are at the core of our identity. We go beyond mere commitment; we cherish the fundamental values of humanity, which include showing respect to others, being sensitive to different cultures, embracing differences, and valuing diversity. Our group fosters a warm and accepting environment where we celebrate our unique qualities and empower one another. We firmly believe that transformative relationships within and outside our lab play a crucial role in unlocking the potential of every scientist. To ensure our success, we integrate principles and practices of diversity, equity, and inclusion into our strategies, embed them in our organizational culture, and manifest them in our daily actions.

Every week, our group convenes to shed light on crucial subjects encompassing inclusion, diversity, wellness, and safety (see sample slides above). Through engaging short presentations, we delve into evidence-based knowledge, historical perspectives, and research data that provide a roadmap for action. Together, we foster an environment of mutual support, empowering one another to transform the research and academic framework in a just and equitable manner that benefits all individuals involved.

To request a copy of the full presentation slides, please contact Mohammed Ullah at

Christian's statement on mentoring and teaching, diversity and inclusion, and leadership:

"Throughout my graduate and postdoctoral studies, I had the honor of directly mentoring over 20 graduate and undergraduate students. Mentoring is a deep passion of mine, and I am thrilled to guide and support students in their journey towards becoming independent scientists and creative thinkers. My commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equity is at the core of my experiences and future aspirations. Coming to the US as a graduate student from the Philippines, I encountered unique challenges that shaped my perspective. Growing up in a town with limited access to electricity and clean water, I developed resilience and determination to overcome economic hardships. These experiences enable me to recognize and empathize with students who face obstacles on their path to educational success.


During my time as a graduate and postdoctoral student, I actively participated in mentoring and diversity, inclusion, and equity initiatives. As an original member of the DEI Committee at the University of Utah's Department of Chemistry, I had the privilege to advocate for and represent international scholars and members of the LGBTQ community. Additionally, I served as a mentor to six undergraduate researchers in the Science Research Initiate program, as well as McNair Scholars and SACNAS members from diverse backgrounds. As I start my career as an assistant professor, I am fully dedicated to fostering an inclusive scientific culture and I am enthusiastic about mentoring and sharing the joy of purposeful scientific exploration with talented individuals who will become future leaders."           – C. A. Malapit

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