The Team

Graduate students and postdocs

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Stella Fors

Graduate student (Fall 2021)

NSF GRFP, Honorable mention

B.S. Chemistry, 2020

University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)

Research with Prof. Hosea Nelson

Stella grew up near San Francisco and escaped the Bay Area gloom by moving to Los Angeles to pursue her undergraduate degree at UCLA. While at UCLA, she researched Au-mediated catalysis under Professor Hosea Nelson. After graduating in 2020, Stella worked as a polymer chemist at HRL Laboratories in Malibu. In 2021, she started her PhD at Northwestern. When she's not in lab, you can find her trail running, practicing yoga, spending time with her cat, and getting together with friends.

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An Kitamura

Graduate student (Fall 2021)

B.S. Chemistry, 2021

Carleton College

Research with Prof. Deborah Gross

I'm from Kanagawa, Japan. My research interests are in organic and electrochemistry. I'm currently working on the design and synthesis of redox-active organic molecules. Outside of research, I enjoy photography and ice skating.

Emily Mahoney

Student photo - Emily Mahoney_edited.jpg


Graduate student (Fall 2021)


B.S. Chemistry, 2021

Rochester Institute of Technology

Research with Prof. Hans Schmitthenner

Emily is from Cazenovia, a small town in upstate New York that is centered around an even smaller lake. When she is home she loves to swim, hike, climb and take her dog on walks. Emily attended Rochester Institute of Technology where she earned her bachelors degree in chemistry in 2021. At RIT, she focused on the synthesis of dyes utilized as cancer imaging agents. After taking a summer to travel and scuba dive, she came to Northwestern to begin her PhD. In the Malapit group, Emily is working on organic redox flow batteries and is very excited to be doing something that contributes to sustainable energy use in the future.

Maxime Boudjelel, Ph. D.

Max Bdjel 1_edited.jpg


Postdoctoral Fellow (Winter 2022)


Postdoctoral scholar, UC Riverside, 2020-2022 (with Professor Richard Schrock)


Ph.D. Molecular Chemistry, Université Paul Sabatier, 2019

(with Professors Didier Bourissou and Ghenwa Bouhadir)

M.S. Nanotechnology, Université Paul Sabatier, 2016

B.S. Chemistry, Université Paul Sabatier, 2014

Maxime was born in Lyon, France and raised in Toulouse, France. He received his B. Sc. in Chemistry at the University Paul Sabatier in Toulouse. During his senior year in 2015, Maxime discovered America by participating in an exchange program at UNC-Chapel Hill. In 2016, he received his M.Sc. in Nanotechnology, but decided to expand his knowledge by pursuing a Ph. D. in Main Group/Organometallic Chemistry at Université Paul Sabatier under the supervision of Dr. Bourissou and Dr. Bouhadir. In 2020, Maxime joined Pr. Schrock's lab at UC Riverside researching new ways to form alkylidenes. He joined the Pr. Malapit Lab in 2022 where he researches new catalytic transformations. Outside of the lab, he enjoys discovering new cuisines, playing squash, and being a cat dad.


Visiting Scholar (Winter 2022)

Lecturer, Liaocheng University, July 2016 - present


Visiting scholar, Northwestern University, 2021 (with Professor Thomas J. Meade)

Research Associate, University of Cincinnati, 2020 (with Professor Yujie Sun)

Visiting scholar, University of Utah, 2019 (with Professor Peter J. Stang)


Ph.D. Chemistry, 2016

Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Advisor: Professor Yu-Wu Zhong

Yanqin was born and raised in Jining, China. She received her Ph.D. in 2016 from the Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences under the supervision of Professor Yu-Wu Zhong. There she developed transition metal catalyzed reactions for C-H functionalization. After graduation, Yanqin became a lecture at Liaocheng University. In 2018, she joined Professor Peter J Stang’s group at Utah University to conduct supermolecular chemistry. In 2022, Yanqin joined Professor Malapit’s group as a visiting scholar.

Yanqin he_edited.jpg

Yanqin He, Ph. D.

Undergraduate research scholars

Student Rossul Aldhufari_edited_edited.jpg

Rossul Aldhufari



BS in Chemistry (class of 2025)

Northwestern University

Arch Scholar and Posner Fellow

Students - Izzy Huang.png

Izzy Huang



BS in Chemical Engineering (class of 2025)

Northwestern University

Pullman Scholar

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Henry Shavel


BS in Chemistry (class of 2024)

Northwestern University

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Daniel Thomas

BS in Chemistry & Integrated Science Program

(class of 2025)

Northwestern University

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Ian Vanswearingen


BS in Chemistry; BS in Physics (class of 2025)

University of Illinois at Chicago

REU Fellowship, International Institute for Nanotechnology

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Jia Yap


BS in Chemistry (class of 2024)

Northwestern University


Come join us!
We are looking for talented graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, and undergraduate researchers. We are located along the shore of Lake Michigan and about 10 miles north of downtown Chicago. Interested scholars should send an email to Christian. Postdoctoral applications should send an email to Christian with a cover letter and CV with contact information of at least two references.

Former mentees (prior to Northwestern)

During my graduate and postdoctoral studies, I had the privilege of mentoring over 20 outstanding graduate and undergraduate students. Some of them are featured below:

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Conor Brigham, Ph. D.

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Graduate student (Sanford lab, UMich)

Current: PhD Candidate (Sanford lab, UMich)

PPG Research Fellow

Student Margarida 1_edited.jpg

Margarida Borrell, Ph. D.

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Visiting graduate student (Sanford lab, UMich)

PhD in Chemistry (Costas Lab, QBIS-CAT, U of Girona)

RSEQ Lilly Award [feature]

Students Naish 1.jpg

Naish Lalloo

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Graduate student (Sanford lab, UMich)

Current: PhD Candidate (Sanford lab, UMich)

Florence Fenwick Outstanding Grad Student Instructor

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Students Ken 1_edited.png
Student Eric 1 Liu 1.jpg

Matthew Culberson

Graduate student rotator (Sanford lab, UMich)

Current: PhD Candidate (Wolfe lab, UMich)

Rackham Merit Fellowship

Kendricks Lao, Ph. D.

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Graduate student (Howell lab, UConn)

Ph. D. in Chemistry (Howell lab, UConn)

Current: President, Puriva Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Eric Liu, Ph. D.

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Visiting undergraduate student (Howell lab, UConn)

Ph. D. Chemical Engineering (UC Davis)

Current: Data Scientist, Amazon

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Wesley Beck

Student Selma 2.jpg

Selma Kadic

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Samuel Milbin, MD

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REU researcher (Minteer lab, UofUtah

Undergraduate student, Goshen College

SRI undergraduate researcher (Minteer lab, UofUtah)

B.S Chemistry and Physics (UofUtah)

Undergraduate student (Howell lab, UConn)

Current: Internal Medicine/Pediatrician (UConn Health)

McNair Scholar

Student Adriana 2.jpg

Adriana Payan

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Tommy Primo

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Student Nick 2_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Nicholas Schipper

SRI undergraduate researcher (Minteer lab, UofUtah)

Current: Undergraduate student, UofUtah

NIH National Library of Medicine Fellow

UROP Awardee

SRI undergraduate researcher (Minteer lab, UofUtah)

Current: Research Assistant (Minteerlab, UofUtah)

Utah Chemistry Undergraduate Research Award 2021

Undergraduate researcher (Howell lab, UConn)

Current: Medical student,

Purdue University Medical School