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The Malapit lab is Northwestern's newest synthetic chemistry research group.

We utilize a multidisciplinary approach using the concepts of organic chemistry, organometallic chemistry, and electrochemistry towards the (a) discovery of new reactions and understanding their mechanisms, (b) development of sustainable catalytic transformations, and (c) design of new molecules for medicine, agriculture, and energy storage.

Latest Publications

News and Events

March 2022

Congratulations to Ian Vanswearingen (undergrad) for receiving the International Institute for Nanotechnology REU Fellowship for summer 2022.

Congratulations to Jia Yap (undergrad) for receiving the General Chemistry award from NU Chemistry.

February 2022

We welcome Dr. Yanqin He as visiting faculty scholar to the group!

January 2022

We welcome undergraduate researchers: Daniel Thomas, Henry Schavel, Ian Vanswearingen, Izzy Huang, Jia Yap, and Rossul Aldhufari to the group!

The Malapit lab is open!!!

November 2021

The Malapit lab welcomes three graduate students this Fall: An Kitamura, Emily Mahoney,

and Stella Fors!

April 2021

Christian accepts tenure-track position as assistant professor of chemistry at Northwestern University!

Upcoming Events

April 8: Christian to give a talk at the Center for Catalysis and Surface Science (CCSS) at the Institute for Sustainability and Energy (ISEN).

Mar 17–19: Graduate student visitation weekend

Mar 3–5: Graduate student visitation weekend

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