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Welcome to the Malapit Group

synthesis   |  catalysis   |  electrochemistry  |  organometallic chemistry
for reaction discovery and sustainable energy storage


The Malapit lab is Northwestern's newest synthetic chemistry research group.

We utilize a multidisciplinary approach using the concepts of organic synthesis, catalysisorganometallic chemistry, and electrochemistry towards the discovery of new reactions and sustainable catalytic transformations,

and the development of novel molecules for next-generation energy storage technology.

News and Events

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Winter 2024























Fall & Summer 2023

Our entire group attends the ACS Fall 2023 in San Francisco!

Congratulations to Emily for receiving the Gold Award from ACS Energy and Fuels

for outstanding research and presentation.

We welcome Jinxiao Li (visiting scholar) and Chris Rapala (undergrad researcher) to the group.


Spring & Winter 2023

Congratulations to our second year graduate students:

An Kitamura, Stella Fors, and Emily Mahoney for passing their qualifying exams! #PhDCandidate

Grad student, An Kitamura, is on the headline news of Northwestern Now!

We welcome ERASMUS+ scholar, Lorenzo Ballerini, visiting us from Italy!


Fall & Summer 2022

We welcome first year graduate students: Griffin, Jessica, and Mo!

Congratulations to An Kitamura for receiving the inaugural Quad Fellowship!

We welcome our newest postdoc, Dr. Eva Alvarez!

We welcome Mira (HS interm), Stephonda (Marc Fellow), and Min (GS0) as summer research visitors.

Spring & Winter 2022

The Malapit lab is open!!!

We finally moved to our newly renovated lab and we're excited to discover amazing things.

We welcome Dr. Maxime Boudjelel as the first postdoctoral fellow of the group!

Paper 1.jpg

Fist paper from the lab now out in JACS!

Congrats to Eva, Griffin, and Mo! [Link]

Happy New Year!

Congratulations to Stella for receiving the Mirzayan Fellowship from the National Academies of Science, Engineering, Medicine.

Our recent paper in arene C–H amination is featured in Synfacts and ChemistryViews!

Our recent paper in arene C–H amination is among the most read paper in JACS for the months of February, March, and April.

Congratulations to grad student Griffin Stewart for receiving the prestigious NSF GRFP Award!

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